Dynamic Digital Signage has Lost its “Wow” Factor — Say Hello to Touch Screen Interactive

Dynamic digital signage continues to find its way into new places and new markets on a weekly basis. As its name conveys, digital signage is dynamic/ever changing, so the platform and content is constantly evolving. For most decision makers, it’s no longer purchasing the latest in display technology that is the toughest choice — its ensuring the content being displayed makes the right impact on their audience.

However, it’s not really the content decision makers care about, but the relevance of the content that is being displayed. Think of how people have come to expect the level of personal attention and interaction that the iPhone or iPad provides…and now, it has become commonplace to download an app that provides on-site wayfinding information for public spaces.

Decision makers aren’t naive — they see where this is going. They know today that they need to move toward interactive content to engage and retain their audience…as mentioned in a recent blog post on Digital Signage today.

Let’s look at architectural environments such as a hospital, corporate office park or educational facility. Dynamic digital signage is finding its way into building budgets and facility managers are starting to explore the options in the marketplace and the associated costs. The challenge with dynamic digital signage is there is not an established standard, nor is their similar terminology to assist is an apples to apples comparison. This lack of standardization complicates the things because there are thousands of providers for a niche component of dynamic digital signage. This can make dynamic digital signage a less than attractive option. ROI may need to be explained and no one wants to make an uninformed decision on a system that has to be supported for years to come.

Through a proper evaluation process, it can be determined how dynamic digital signage can be incorporated in the overall mix of facility signage. What are the goals and needs? What signage solutions are available as an option? In most cases, when we evaluate a complete signage program consisting of exterior and interior signage, we discuss areas where dynamic digital signage makes sense if the client is interested. Once a facility has a dynamic digital sign in their facility, it is easy to determine the value it brings and creates comfort in having to manage a dynamic digital signage system. The barriers break down and they are able to learn their system and the potential it has to solve other communication challenges. As mentioned at the beginning, the wow factor of digital is no more; it must be relevant in application and in content and having a solution that can grow as needs evolve.

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