Macer Interior™ – A New, Slim-Panel Interior Architectural Signage System Unveiled

The latest interior signage innovation from ASI has arrived — Macer Interior™. This slim-panel signage system is engineered to function like a modular system while allowing designers and architects to unleash their creativity by taking full advantage of the print on panel photorealistic graphic system.

Macer Interior™ consists of three components: a uniquely designed panel holder, aluminum or etronite graphic panel, and a discreet top fitting that is used for large panels or PaperFlex™ signs. When coupled with Macer Exterior™, the system creates a seamless wayfinding signage solution from the outside to the inside. Macer Interior™ allows for the full integration of photorealistic digitally printed graphics and ASI’s standard selection of paint finishes to create an interior signage solution that is as unique and distinctive as the architectural environment where it will be used.

To view the promotional e-campaign and download product information on Macer Interior™, click here.

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  1. Jonay

    et0S7C That’s a mold-breaker. Great thinking!

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