Macer Exterior™, the Matching Exterior Signage Version of Macer Interior™

We’ve received a lot of feedback and requests for information about Macer Interior™, and some of the questions have focused on the exterior option – Macer Exterior™. We thought it would be fun to post some of the questions and answers about the line here and show some photos and graphics to help explain whenever possible.

Is the exterior version of Macer the same thing as the interior sign system?

No, not exactly. While it is true that they have the same design aesthetics of a bottom panel holder and a large graphic panel, the graphic panel for Macer Exterior™ is comprised of two thin aluminum face panels that sandwich a solid etronite core.

How are people using Macer Exterior™ and where has it been installed – have they had problems with the wind blowing it over?

Macer Exterior™ can be used as a primary entrance identification sign, but it is most effective as a campus-wide wayfinding signage solution. Universities, community colleges, and hospitals have had the most interest because of the large panel space available for displaying directional information. As for the wind load capability, Macer Exterior™ has been engineered and tested to withstand the typical North American weather and wind requirements. The bottom post has a foot that runs perpendicular to the face of the sign which helps prevent the sign from blowing over during sustained high winds.

Can I have apply the same print on panel graphics and paint on Macer Exterior™ that I would do on the interior sign?

Yes, you can, however the exterior signage has a UV inhibitor added to the finish.

Let us know if you have questions of your own about how Macer Exterior™ works and how you can use it along with Macer Interior™ for your next architectural signage solution.

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