Why Good Design and Quality Exterior Architectural Signage Makes a Positive Impact for Businesses

Published by ISA on signs.org, the quickest, easiest and most economical way to attract new customers is with quality exterior signage. In fact, architectural signage attracted half of the start-up businesses’ new customers – more than any other form of advertising the businesses used and even more than word-of-mouth referrals. While most business owners do not need to be sold on why a sign is necessary, they may need to be informed about the importance of the quality and the design of the sign.

The owner, Nathanial Christadoss commented on his first time reviewing signage, “I was not sure what I wanted, but knew what I didn’t want.”  What he did not want was generic signage. He felt that generic white channel letter signage put an emotional distance between him and potential customers in need of physical therapy, and that distance would be counter-productive to a business that promotes healing. Furthermore, he felt that generic signage did nothing to communicate or differentiate his brand identity to the public. That is when Christadoss made the decision to pursue custom exterior signage that featured his business logo. “When I saw the design drawing and cost comparisons for custom sign designs, I knew this was the right sign for our business.”

Conceptual Sketch for the Exterior Signage:

Completed Exterior Signage Imagery:

Since their grand opening, Chistadoss attributes 45% of their new business is to the exterior signage. “It provides a good image in the community, as well as differentiating our brand. After this experience, I understand the importance of signage, where I hadn’t really considered it before.”

Top 5 Considerations When Designing This Sign:

1.     Local Codes and Building Ordinance/ Regulations

2.     Designing the sign to achieve the best look within the client’s budget

3.     Modifying the logo to fit the space and remain proportionate

4.     Providing the best illumination option – utilization of LED’s

5.     Brand Colors to provide continuity across all platforms

Good signage design is a case by case basis, however there are common best practices that can be used to help prioritize, resulting in the best signage for each client.

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