Options For Illuminating Exterior Signage

Illuminated signage greatly improves a business’s image by ensuring visibility both day and at night.  When evaluating illumination options for exterior signage, there are several things to consider. The first and most important part is to review local codes and city ordinances. Do not make the mistake of assuming that all illuminated signs are equal and that it will meet your local and state laws that govern electrical devices. After you have researched your local codes, we recommend you consider the following  options when making your illumination choice for an exterior sign:

Solar Power – this is an option for many signage types and continues to evolve as demand increases.  Solar powered signage is a great power option to consider, with provable ROI, when power is not present at the sign location. Solar powered signage uses the latest in LED’s lighting technology and battery power.

Internally Illuminated – one of the more commonly used lighting techniques is enclosing LED’s or flourescent tubes inside the sign monument or face. This option, when combined with LED illumination, creates an even lighting solution while achieving a very high brightness level.

Exterior Lamps – a very inexpensive form of lighting is simply using a ground-mounted exterior lamp and angle it at the sign face. Exterior lamps are available in a variety of sizes and strengths to achieve the desired brightness and legibility. They are mounted near the sign and can be hidden by landscaping if desired.

The benefit of all three approaches is the option to control the lighting – whether you need the signs to power on and off or dim and brighten at specific times – there are sensors available to ensure the sign performs in the most effective and efficient way.

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