Quick News Bites About Signage: Why Proper Planning For Good Exterior Signage Matters

Check out this interesting question and answer blog article titled, “To make your sign stand out, be prepared to spend” in USA Today. This falls right in line with what we said in a recent post about a small business owner who made the right choice to not skimp on his exterior signage for his new physical therapy business. Even more interesting is how big business — like ConAgra — recognize and embrace why you should not take for granted the positive impact good exterior signage can make.

Here are some key excerpts:

Q: ….I seem to get most of my new business from referrals so it seems to me that I do not really need to invest a lot of money in a big sign….

A: I think you might be missing a golden opportunity. Sure, right now you may be getting most of your new clientele from word of mouth, but just consider how much more business you might get if in fact you did have a big, bold sign?

A Hard Lesson Learned about Bidding: Why Design-Build & Proper Planning Matters

Take a look at this example of why going to bid can backfire. Turns out the City of Georgetown, SC got burned to the tune of $150,000 by going out to bid on a city-wide wayfinding signage project. We understand and support that public business should be open for bid, but one would hope that city consultants would first consult with a design-build signage provider to see how much a city-wide exterior wayfinding signage solution would cost before penciling in a dollar figure in a budget. See other posts about city wide wayfinding and the impact it can make on a community along with a couple you might have missed.

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Ever Notice When Signage Shows up in TV Shows and Movies?

Having worked in the signage industry for so long, it’s hard not to look at signage in the background of TV shows and movies and say “HEY! That’s one of our signs!” or “Oh yeah, that looks like they filmed this at [insert location here] because I’ve seen those signs before.”

Well, sometimes entertainment jumps into the signage arena and the results can make you giggle.

Walking Dead fans in the U.K. might have gotten a laugh out of this accidental exterior banner placement (see the note above about planning, Mr. Clear Channel manager), but we’re not sure the funeral home next door found it quite as funny. One thing is for sure: We now know about the Co-Operative Funeral parlor in the U.K. Nice signage, by the way.

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