Sign Judgment: Class Action Lawsuit! Environmental Graphic Designers & Sign Companies vs. Lawnmowers of America

Ladies and gentlemen, a crime has been committed and the public is crying out for justice. O.k., so maybe it’s not the public – but the architects, facility managers, sign companies and designers sure are mad. We need to join together and stop this reckless and dangerous behavior inflicted upon us by the lawnmowers of America. They are systematically damaging — and dare I say — destroying one of our greatest national treasures: our exterior signage.

O.k., I’ll shelve the hyperbole, but let’s take a look at a classic example of “when lawnmowers attack.”

Just looking at this might bring forth a tear. How could they be so callous? Couldn’t they just use a weed-eater instead of a John Deer tractor pulling a mower?

One option that might have helped is a basic landscaping at the base of the sign to prevent the mower from hitting the base. The easiest method is to put decorative gravel around the base of the legs to prevent grass from growing. However, we’ve seen instances where the mower runs right over gravel and shoots it out at speeds approaching Mach 2 and obliterates the sign — much like the “mayhem” character from the Allstate commercials (hat tip to two of our favorite actors, Dean Winters as “Mayhem” and President Palmer a.k.a. Dennis Haysbert for you “24” fans as the ending voice-over).

(click to watch this great commercial)

If you’ve got a little more cash in the signage budget, we recommend defending yourself against these reckless lawnmowers by planting native plants and shrubs around the base of the sign. Because they are native, the plants will likely survive the local weather conditions and not need much care other than the occasional pruning. You’ve got to be sure to use short plants like monkey grass to ensure they do not obscure the message on the sign. Here is a good resource for identifying local or regional native plants.

Join us in our mission to stop the madness! Share your stories of mayhem and destruction by lawnmowers and we’ll cease this senseless destruction once and for all…or we’ll laugh about it, one or the other.

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