New Design Accents for the Original Curved-Face Modular Solutions, Pacific Interior

Check out the new standard and custom design accents for Pacific Interior™. These design accents are ideal for accentuating the curved profile of Pacific Interior™ — the original curved-face modular signage solution — and they serve as a great wayfinding tool for interior architectural signage plans. Because the design accents can be finished with any standard paint color, designers and architects can create color-coded wayfinding solutions for directional and directory signage and even extended the wayfinding plan throughout room ID and department ID signage. Check out this earlier post about wayfinding for functionally illiterate and how design accents can play a helpful role.

The design accent fill the gap between each modular panel and the accents can also attach to the top and bottom of the sign. In addition, the design accents can be routed to any shape to meet the wayfinding or design needs of the facility.

Let us know what you think about the design accents and check out what else is new with Pacific Interior™, click here.

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