Hey There, What’s Your Sign? Why Signage is Important to Your Business

“Hey there, what’s your sign?”

Those of us old enough to remember the 70’s might answer “I’m a Virgo.”

But that’s not what we are asking…but seriously, Virgo would be our answer.

Back to the real question at hand — what sign is right for you and your business? That’s the important question that many small to medium size business owners deal with when considering exterior signage, interior signage and even digital signage. If you find yourself in that quandary, you should take a look at the What’s Your Sign website.

This informative little site guides prospective clients through the reasons signage is important and focuses on six key selling points for signage:

1. Attracts New Customers
2. Brands in the Minds of Consumers
3. Creates Impulse Sales
4. Helps a Mobile Society
5. Aids Traffic Safety
6. Enhances the Look of a Community

After you have checked out the site, take a look at a recent post about how making the right signage choice made a positive impact on the bottom line of a small business owner.

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