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Landmarks: Wayfinding “Sign Posts” are Helpful for Both Indoors and Outdoors

If you’ve ever seen the 1963 film “Lawrence of Arabia,” you probably have a pretty good idea – even if you’ve never set foot in that part of the world – of the empty, trackless and unforgiving expanse of the Middle Eastern desert. And yet plenty of confirmed tales abound from ancient as well as …

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Installation of Dimensional Letters at Western Kentucky University

A nice little note in the news regarding the opening of Ransdell Hall at Western Kentucky University and the installation of dimensional letters on the face of the building by ASI. Hat tip to the WKUHerald and Katherine Wade for the article.

Environmental Graphics Play Just as Big a Role in a Successful Wayfinding Plan as Signage

The true measure of success of any wayfinding plan is efficiency and ease of understanding by the user…especially the first time visitor. Whether it’s an airport, a freeway, a hotel, ballpark or hospital, everyone is looking for information and direction that helps guide them to where they want to be. We assume that an architectural …

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