Pacific Interior, the Curved-Face Modular Architectural Interior Signage Wonder-Kid Turns 15

Fifteen years ago, a brand new bouncing baby architectural signage system was born: Pacific Interior™. The curved-face little solution started out modestly enough, but as soon as designers and architects took a look at the system, they fell in love. The gentle curved face coupled with the wrap-around panel edges and simple but highly effective modular functionality was all it took to turn it into the premier modular signage solution for the architectural signage marketplace. Fast forward 15 years. Pacific Interior™ is still an effective solution, and it has blossomed to reveal three key differentiators that set it apart from all the other curved-face solutions on the marketplace: the paint system, the print on panel graphics, and the design accents.

The Paint System:

Take a look at a Mercedes or a BMW the next time you are walking around and be sure to check out the paint finish. That smooth, clean, consistent look can be found in the paint finish for Pacific Interior™. Every graphic panel, ADA-Ready™ panel, and aluminum component goes through a 12-step pre-treatment process followed by an eco-friendly paint process. Color variety is not a problem. Pacific has 140 standard finish colors, including metallics and decorative foils that simulate woodgrains. For more details on the paint process, click here.

The Print on Panel Graphics:

With print on panel graphics, architects, designers and facility managers do not have to worry about vinyl graphics and lettering pealing off the panel due to vandalism or environmental concerns (e.g., humidity, extreme cold or heat). Did we mention it was a true 7-color ink system with real white ink? Did we mention it is photographic quality with a 720-dpi resolution? For more details, click here.

The Design Accents:

It was recently announced that Pacific Interior™ now has standard and custom design accents that fit to the top, bottom and between the curved panels. This feature helps promote brand identity, assists with wayfinding, and elevates the overall design to the next level. For more information on the accents, click here. Also, for a limited time, a free sample is available. Click here for more details.

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