Are Healthcare Facilities Ready to Face the Next Generation of Digital Signage?

Health Facilities Magazine article, “Future Directions: Vendors roll out the next generation of health care signage” by Neal Lorenzi, talks about how and why digital signage must be considered as part of the overall signage program for health care facilities.

Here are some key excerpts from the article:

Kelly David, director of marketing and product management for ASI Sign Systems (www.asisignage.com), Dallas, agrees, noting that digital sign­age should integrate within the facility and complement the building’s architecture.

“In any project, the goal should be to work with the facility’s natural wayfinding elements and incorporate sign­age as needed,” she says. “Best practices have been derived from studies on the proper use of signage; those practices apply to any sign, digital or static.”

The Americans with Disabilities Act compliance is another consideration. For example, facility professionals should ask such questions as: Should signage include Braille and tactile letters?

“Such considerations carry over to content displayed on the screen,” David notes. “Make sure good color contrast and font selection is used to ensure legibility. This ties into the demographics of the facility.”

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