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Exciting New Technology Could Make “Hablo Espanol?” a Thing of the Past in the Signage World

One of the largest barriers facing designers and suppliers of architectural signage in the United States is creating effective wayfinding solutions that reach every person that encounters an interior or exterior sign. Pictograms and multilingual messages are currently the best answer to the question of how to reach English as second language speakers and even …

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Custom Wayfinding for Different Healthcare Environments

Healthcare facilities vary widely on numerous points: type of facility, size of facility and patient population served. While all healthcare facilities want to provide quality health care to their patients, practical steps in achieving their goals will differ across the board. For example, pediatric hospitals will diverge sharply from elder care facilities, not only in …

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Different Wayfinding Solutions for Built Environments

Whether you’re designing a wayfinding system for a hospital, mall or office complex, the bottom-line goal is the same: to develop signage as part of a comprehensive system that helps people find their way around a facility with little to no stress or aggravation. Wayfinding is, however, one of those concepts where one size – …

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Innovative Museum Wayfinding Technology

Museums can be a treasure-trove of art and artifacts, and they’re often complex, multi-leveled structures with exhibits both indoors and outdoors. What a pity, then, for guests to wander around, without proper wayfinding guidance, and miss some of the best exhibits! For guests to get the most out of their visits, innovative museum wayfinding technology …

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