Illuminated Exterior Signage Topped By a Rubber Ducky for a Great Cause

While in the Cincinnati area on business, we came across an odd sight — a gigantic yellow rubber ducky on top of a corporate office tower. ASI provided the custom illuminated exterior signage for Grant Thornton that adorns the top of the tower, so of course we had to ask the folks at ASI, Cincinnati, “What’s the deal with the huge yellow duck? Is there a huge car sales-a-thon going on?”

Kim Moscarino, president of ASI, Cincinnati told us about the exterior signage and the reason for the giant rubber ducky.

“Grant Thornton has been an ASI,Cincinnati client since 2005, when we originally installed their logo on the exterior of their new office space at 4000 Smith Road. As with all great things, Grant Thornton recently updated their logo. We worked closely with their team to meet their budget and installation needs. The new logo was installed in February 2011 and can be seen from Interstate 71. And if you look at their logo during the month of August, you will notice an inflatable Rubber Duck Regatta replica perched directly above.”

The Rubber Duck Regatta is an annual event where people buy rubber ducks which get dropped into the Ohio River all at once. The ducks float down the river as part of a big end of summer event. Besides being a lot of fun to watch, the money collected goes directly to feeding families in need. Here is a quick excerpt from the official website:

“The 2011 duck season is open! Buy a duck, and help us feed hungry families throughout Greater Cincinnati, and in your neighborhood. On September 4th, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. prior to the Cincinnati Bell-WEBN fireworks, more than 100,000 ducks will be dropped into the Ohio River from the Purple People Bridge during the P&G Riverfest for the 17th Annual Freestore Foodbank Rubber Duck Regatta presented by Dawn.”

Now that’s a great reason to have a gigantic yellow rubber ducky on top of a corporate office tower!

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