Could Solar Power Be the Answer for Cities Looking to Reduce Operating Budgets?

The city of Rockford, IL, has made the decision to remove 2,400 streetlights throughout the city to save up to $500,000. The immediate benefit is obvious — saving that amount of money could prevent layoffs or it could help the city balance its budget. However, one should consider the long-term cost as well. Less lighting at night or in bad weather conditions could lead and increase the risks for accidents. With that in mind, is it worth saving $500,000 if the result could be a terrible car accident that could alter someones life,or even end it?

Is Solar Power the Answer?

Let’s not stick our heads in the sand about solar powered solutions. There is an up-front cost and the number of batteries, the energy storage capacity and strength of the LEDs lighting could end up being a wash for traditional grid-wired streetlight versus an off-grid lighting solution. There are several cutting-edge solutions on the market today, and we think the city should take a look at what is available before removing the lights. If not a completely off-grid solution, solar could at least be a grid-assisted solution for the streetlights.

However, when it comes to illuminated exterior signage, solar power is a great answer for cities and companies looking to save money. Solar powered signage allows facilities to take its exterior signage off the electrical grid. What’s that you say? It’s too costly? You might want to rethink that statement. The ROI for solar powered signage has been proven. For more information, check out ASI’s Solar powered signage series.

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