3form Continues to “Wow” Us with Environmental Graphic Design Solutions

Our love affair/crush on 3form and its gorgeous line of materials for architectural signage and environmental graphic design continues to burn like a 14-year-old girl squealing and jumping up and down at a boy-band concert. (I’ll bet you thought I’d make another Billy Joel reference. You would be wrong.) Anyway, nothing we have to say trumps what 3form has written and posted on its blog, Translucent. Check out the post titled “This is no Hidden Dragon.” Be sure to put your hand under your chin to keep your jaw from hitting the keyboard.

Posts gushing about how totally awesome 3form materials are for signage:

Ready-Made Donor Recognition Walls and Environmental Graphics from 3form’s Studio Collection

Creating Exciting Environmental Graphics and Exterior Signage with 3form’s Koda XT Material

3form Materials Help Create Healing-Focused Environments for Hospitals and Medical Centers

3form’s Gallery of Healing-Focused Healthcare Projects Featuring Eco-Friendly Materials




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  1. 3form Merges Koda XT with Solar Panels »

    […] Wow. Just….wow. We know — you’ve heard it from us before and this blog might sometimes read like you are hearing a skip on a vinyl LP for some topics, but we have to say it again — 3form creates some incredible architectural signage and environmental graphic design solutions. […]

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