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Color and Contrast Resource for Wayfinding Signage Solutions

A recent post titled “Signage and color contrast” on the blog Design Work Plan (dwp) did a really nice job of explaining the basics of color and contrast and how it impacts wayfinding signage solutions. What we really like about the post is how it breaks down key colors and provides a simple explanation of …

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How is the Extreme Heat Affecting your Exterior Signage?

Having lived through the infamous summer of 1980 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, where temperatures stayed at above 100 degrees for 69 days, we can honestly say that the summer of 2011 is just as bad. With nighttime temperatures starting at 106 degrees and dropping to only 88 or 90 degrees before sunrise, it made …

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Digital Signage Integrated into Donor Recognition Wall for Jamestown Regional Medical Center

ASI, Minneapolis recently completed a digital signage donor recognition solution for the new critical access and care facility, Jamestown Regional Medical Center. Wendy Pajor, president of ASI, Minneapolis, explained that the digital donor wall consists of an interactive touch screen display that allows visitors to explore stories about donor, patients, foundation events and read about …

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The Ugly Truth About “Green” Digital Signage

With more and more industries going green out of concern for our environment, the question arises: how green is digital signage? “Green” digital signage has emerged due to the demand for eco-friendly technology, but for the most part, digital signage has a way to go yet before it can be considered truly “green.” It’s time …

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