The Education of Green Signage

ASI recently sponsored a conference, Greening the Heartland held in Cincinnati, OH, and displayed numerous green signage solutions. The conference served as a gathering place for 12 state and regional USGBC chapters, and everyone was focused on learning how to develop and integrate better green practices to ensure an improved ROI, increase efficiencies and reduce their impact on the environment. Being the only signage company present, ASI enjoyed the opportunity to discuss how architectural signage can make a difference, as most people weren’t familiar with the opportunities that signage can present.

One out of five clients asked, “How does your signage impact LEED®?”  We hope others in the industry give the same answer – “it can contribute.”

Unfortunately, we know that is not the case. LEED® is one of the many misunderstood rating systems and everyone seems to answer incorrectly first and perhaps be educated second. The truth is, in our experience and interactions with many LEED® A/P’s, they never even submit signage is part of their documentation. However, we have seen an increase in requests for information.

At our booth, we displayed these green signage solutions:

  • InTac™ Eco, a green signage solution made from renewable materials
  • Modular systems to demonstrate sustainable solutions and strategies for how facility managers can lengthen the life of a signage program.
  • Digital signage to demonstrate dynamic communication and to demonstrate sustainable building performance and implemented strategies to employees and the community.

It was exciting to have a captive audience brainstorming and understanding how architectural signage can make an impact. By far the hottest topic centered on the ASI Solar Series. Many companies serving the commercial sector had often been asked about solar powered signage and no one had ever seen this as a possibility. We were excited to educate this niche industry that it had been engineered to be a feasible option for exterior illuminated signage. Most prominent solar companies in the industry focus on large scale PV installations, the cost for them to engineer a communication system (a.k.a., sign) is not affordable, nor of interest.

Being in an environment where everyone was passionate about making an impact at their homes and business and to promote the green aspects of their solution (from windows to PV panels) it reminded us of how important proper education is to the marketplace. Once you start sharing concepts and ideas, the sky is always the limit and many look forward to the next wave of implementations when the economy improves. Great thinkers and leaders attending the conference inspire a hope that everyone can continue to make green ways the way of life.

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