Signage Quick Hits: Architectural Signage In The News

As you enjoy your morning coffee or munch on your turkey and cheese on wheat sandwich over lunch, we thought you’d like to read about architectural signage in the news.

Architectural Signage Color Scheme Inspires Fashion Designer

In an article titled, “Fashion Week: Spotlight on Lela Rose” by Perrie Samotin at amny.com, Ms. Rose talks about how signage inspired her latest fashion designs. “The inspiration for this collection is very interesting: It’s taken from signage from Las Vegas and Coney Island in the ‘50s. The color palette is taken from signs which were very saturated but, over time, had become a little bit more muted. It’s architectural in the way that we’ve taken shapes and used cutouts around them and negative space.”

Exterior Wayfinding Signage for State University:

A recent article from the ABQJournal Online discusses the University of New Mexico’s $280,000 exterior signage upgrade through the campus. The article, by James Monteleone / Journal Staff Writer, asks, “is it ‘Navigation Need Or Waste of Money?”

That’s a great question and we hope the college students will keep an open mind and learn about the science of wayfinding and what a properly planned and well-executed wayfinding signage solution can do to improve traffic flow, improve visitor experiences, and help contribute to a better brand identity for the university. No matter what we say, the only true answer can come in time from the university administration and student body. What we can say with certainty is that upgrading an exterior wayfinding signage solution for a university or college can make a positive impact on the school’s brand identity, the campus atmosphere and the traffic flow of students and visitors throughout the campus. For example, check out what St. John’s University did to upgrade its signage, and also look at Bellevue University. Both of these projects had the same goal as the University of New Mexico.

Renovations to City’s Downtown Municipal  Buildings include Exterior Signage

The Mayor’s office of the City of Hartford announced that renovations to the municipal area in downtown is underway.

According to the announcement, exterior signage will be posted around City Hall to allow visitors and residents quick access in and out of the building.

The mayor stated: “Economic development is one of the primary goals of my administration. It is essential that Hartford be a historic and cultural choice destination, thus a respect for and commitment to invest in Hartford’s architectural treasures like City Hall is fundamental. This magnificent building is more than the home of city government. It is utilized by our community for public functions, formal events, and many meetings.”

“Hartford’s 1915 Municipal Building is a Beaux-Arts beauty in an enclave of Main Street landmark sites. Restoring and reinvigorating the front entrance plaza is a great step in preserving and revitalizing the Capital City’s unique architectural heritage and neighborhood character,” stated Tomas Neortas of the Hartford Preservation Alliance.

This reminds us of other streetscape signage or exterior wayfinding signage solutions that are popping up across the country in bedroom communities and revitalized urban areas.

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