I need 500 Signs ASAP for our Interior Signage Program

Our team has heard almost every request;  “I need interior signage in 10 days for my grand opening.” or“ I need to get this project done for the lowest price, what do you have?”  Regardless of the request our job is to consult and help the client meet their goals. One of our favorite things to be is the signage hero. It is everyone’s dream to wear a cape and deliver value and help the bottom line when possible, especially these days.

One recent real-life crisis involved a client who had their interior design team complete the interior signage design and program. However, they needed a partner to fabricate and install the solution. What took them months of planning and design was turned over to ASI to turn out in a matter of days. When our office reviewed the plans, they immediately asked to review the design in more detail with the client. At first what appeared to be resistance and even a feeling of just wanting us to process the order, turned out to be a “cape-like” moment. The meeting went something like this, and we cannot confirm the color of the cape.

Sign Guy Hero: “After reviewing your plans, we think you have over-signed your facility. Not only can we save you some costs associated with product and installation, we can make this an improved experience for your visitors. Over-signing is unnecessary and often unsightly, as well as you have signs with Braille and tactile that does not require that application in accordance with the ADA signage guidelines, again a cost savings.”

Several other points were reviewed and agreed upon with the client, and after the install, it was great to see the client happy with the modifications to the signage program. By being a true consultant to the signage program verses just processing an order, we were able to guide the client to the best possible solution. The result was a less expensive interior signage solution and possibly a better experience overall for visitors of the facility.

While professionals in the signage industry are not known for saving the world, we do have a hidden impact that is felt by all at some point in everyone’s life. When you are looking for a department or walking through a theater trying to find the bathroom after drinking that 62-oz. bladder-buster drink or trying to find your local YMCA, you are looking for a sign to tell you if you found your way. Perhaps there is a sign hero you can thank one day.

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