Digital Signage In Medical Offices and Gas Stations: What’s Next?

Digital Signage In Hospitals Expanding to Include Patient Care 

We knew this day was coming — the day that dynamic and interactive digital signage would expand and move beyond just being a real-time wayfinding solution and enter the realm of playing a role in providing patient care information — we just did not realize how quickly the day would arrive. Manor Way Health Centre in Hampshire, U.K., is an example of how a small medical center is using digital signage to display tailored-messages to individual patients receiving care. Physicians are able to indicate what health-related topics or services fit the patients specific care needs and the digital signage system conveys the information to the patient. This must make for more productive and informative waiting periods in the exam room because we aren’t we all tired of reading the same worn copy of Time or Newsweek that is more than 6-months old?

Digital Signage on a Gas Station Pump? Yes Indeed.

Standing at the pump on a busy intersection next to Interstate 35, I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing: digital signage on top of a gas pump playing promotional information and commercials for T.V. shows. Yes, it had audio, and yes I could hear it. See the photos for proof.

No comments on the gas prices, please. Nice looking, easy to see, easy to hear digital sign.

Tilted screen allows for easy viewing, heat vents allow for outdoor use.


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