InTac™ Eco, Modular Interior Signage, and Digital Signage Get A Lot of Looks at Healthcare Facilities Expo

It was nice to catch up with existing clients and meet prospective clients at the 2011 Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo in Chicago. We truly appreciated the insight we gained from talking with facility managers and chatting with architects and designers about recent challenges they faced in completing projects. Our products that got the most attention were InTac™ Eco, Modular Interior Signage, and Digital Signage.

What Our Visitors Said About InTac™ Eco

  1. Beautiful materials make it an enticing design solution
  2. GREENGUARD™ certified process raised eyebrows and gave them options for healthcare facilities concerned with LEED® certification
  3. Ability to include updateable insert windows and stand-off fasteners is a big plus

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What Our Visitors Said About ASI’s Interior Modular Signage Systems
  1. The simple engineered solution is easy to understand, easy to assemble, easy to update
  2. Design accents on Pacific Interior are ideal for “easy to follow” color-coded wayfinding solutions
  3. Assurance that the first sign would match the 10,000 sign eased concerns about consistency for re-orders

What Our Visitors Said About Digital Signage Systems

  1. Our ability to deliver turn-key solutions and consult with facilities to provide “only what they need” was a big hit
  2. Our case studies showing extensive integration of digital signage serving a multitude of needs got a lot of interest
  3. Enclosure design and function was well received by all visitors, including our competitors
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