Benefits of Modular Signage Solutions

For interior signage, you can’t go wrong with a well-designed modular system. The benefits of modular signage solutions are many, since this kind of signage is designed to deliver maximum flexibility across multiple value points. Modular signage not only looks great, but by its very nature, it’s also a solution that stands the test of time for facilities in which it’s deployed.

modular signage

Precision engineered components and great graphic design result in great architectural signage solution. Featured product: Messenger Interior

Aesthetic Appeal

Modular signage is available in numerous styles, but the precision engineered components ensure each sign will look and performed as it is designed — from the first sign to the 1000 sign. Modular signage solutions can easily be combined with decorative backers, resulting in eye-catching systems that effectively brand facilities in the minds of their visitors.


The flexibility of modular signage solutions lends great efficiency to wayfinding plans. When creativity becomes part of a wayfinding system, it tends to strike patrons as more intuitive. A consistent system of colors and styles grabs people’s attention and can be used for innovative wayfinding systems that provide visual cues to help people find their way around.

Value Engineering

One of the most useful components of workable signage systems is value engineering, that is, signage that’s designed to have an expensive look without the accompanying high price tag. Modular signage lends itself well to value engineering, since interchangeable components render it a stylish solution that can enhance the décor of built environments.

Sustainability and Longevity

Since modular signage is comprised of interchangeable components, it has a high sustainability and longevity quotient. Modular functionality means that the signage can easily be repaired or updated as needed. It also means less impact on the waste cycle. ADA compliance is simple, too, since modular signage can incorporate inserts especially for that purpose.

The stylish appearance of modular signage combined with its sustainability make it a smart solution for any built environment. All the benefits of modular signage solutions help ratchet up the signage’s impact on multiple fronts, helping to create a positive brand experience in the minds of visitors and staff visiting or working in the facility.

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