International Wayfinding Month: Useful Wayfinding Information

Did you know January is International Wayfinding Month? If so, then you successfully navigated the complicated pathways of monthly holidays. If not, then you need some guidance. (yes, those were all wayfinding puns). The month is intended to recognize and reflect on the benefits of good wayfinding. As one person defined it, “it’s meant to get people to think about  the spatial and environmental information systems that help you find your way in the built environment. It’s what gets you to the airport gate, through a parking lot, around a museum!”

So, to help you find your way through this month, we’ve provided some helpful information:

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InfoSeries on Wayfinding: the Key to Comfortable Environments

Click here to download our wayfinding InfoSeries.

In addition, check out our product section on asisignage.com and download PDF information sheets showing of how to create wayfinding solution using architectural signage.

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