Architectural Signage vs. Commercial Signage: A Comparison Guide

We wanted to share an information piece that compares and contrasts architectural signage and commercial signage. Because commercial signage is almost always associated with exterior signage, the information piece is geared toward comparing and contrasting exterior signage applications. Here are a few key excerpts:

“What defines a commercial sign? It’s easy to identify a commercial sign when looking at popular fast-food restaurants and service stations, but it gets harder to define when the signage solution is a higher-end retail store or “one-of-a-kind” branded signage solution. Architectural signage is usually associated with corporate towers and hospitals, but architectural signage can easily be found in retail or hospitality environments.”

“There is an old saying in architectural circles that works for determining signage: Form follows function. Once you determine and define the need or the function that the sign will provide, the form the solution takes will reveal itself. For example, if you need 500 branded signs that all look the same and will fit into the environment the same way, then you need a commercial signage solution. If you need a solution that complements the architectural environment, incorporates brand identity, higher-end building materials, and is built to last, you need an architectural signage solution.”

Click here to access the information piece. Be sure to click the button on the right-side of the landing page to get the PDF.

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