Branding Through Architectural Signage for Built Environments

By its nature, architectural signage plays an important role in branding built environments because architectural signage serves as the conduit to integrate brand identity into the overall architectural design of the facility. However, figuring out how to present a tenant’s brand identity through architectural signage can be challenging because the tenant’s brand may not always complement the architectural styling of the facility.

Identity Branding

Companies take great care to ensure their brands are distinctive and instantly recognizable, and they want these qualities to carry forward through the architectural signage that identify their facilities.

While identity branding is about identifying the company to visitors, it’s also about presenting the company’s image in a positive light.

Environment Branding

While environment branding is related to identity branding, they’re not the same. Environment branding in a built structure is about presenting a corporate facility’s brand throughout the interior or exterior design scheme to help visitors and staff feel confident about their decision to do business with the tenant.

Architectural signage, both exterior and interior, plays a major role in environmental branding effort when it’s comprehensive and well-designed and highly specific to the facility’s physical structure and its brand. The aim of environmental branding is to help people feel comfortable in the facility and remember it as a place to which they want to return.

Wayfinding Signage

Branding also plays an important role in wayfinding. When people arrive on a large campus, wayfinding signage that incorporates brand identity helps create a positive experience for the visitor.

People who can make use of well-designed, well-branded architectural signage to find their way around a complex campus are much more likely to report positive experiences to colleagues. When the facility’s brand is smoothly incorporated into wayfinding signage, it will likely leave a strong imprint on people’s minds that ties into their good experiences.

Consistency in Branding Corporate Facilities

Corporations have exacting standards for their brands, and for good reason. Consistent branding throughout all levels enhances prospects for acquiring new customers and retaining current ones. This consistency in branding applies to architectural signage for corporate facilities. Without brand consistency, a brand loses much of its appeal, and brand appeal is something that must never be underestimated. It’s what makes a corporate facility – as well as its products and services – memorable. To make a positive impact on patrons, a corporate brand must offer them the assurance that they’re receiving value on all levels, from being able to identify and navigate the corporate campus to feeling comfortable there and positive about the prospect of returning.

Branding through architectural signage for corporate facilities appeals to people on practical and emotional levels. Architectural signage for corporate facilities accomplishes this by being well-designed and seamlessly integrated into the design of the facility. Most of all, the brand identity harmonizes with the architectural signage design and helps a promote a positive brand appeal, which can, over time, mean a considerable return on investment.

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