Wayfinding, ADA Signs, and 3form Posts Leap Ahead in 2012

Dear “Conversations About Signage” Readers,

As you know from every other marketing-driven e-campaigns, tweet and Facebook comment, today is Leap Year Day. Still not sure what that means? Just visit google.com and look at the banner logo.

To help you jump ahead in regards to wayfinding and architectural signage this Lead Year Day, we created a list of the top 10 blog posts that are trending up in readership and Google and Bing search results. We hope you enjoy your extra day this year as well as reviewing these posts:


  1. 3form Materials Help Create Healing-Focused Environments for Hospitals and Medical Centers
  2. How to Choose Fonts for Interior and Exterior Signage
  3. Ready-Made Donor Recognition Walls and Environmental Graphics from 3form’s Studio Collection
  4. 3form Design Awards: Exterior Signage, Interior Signage Featured
  5. Will Digital Signage and Mobile Apps End Traditional Wayfinding?
  6. Branding Through Architectural Signage for Built Environments
  7. Architectural Signage vs. Commercial Signage: A Comparison Guide
  8. Goals and Elements of ADA-Compliant Architectural Signage
  9. ADA Signage: No Need for Designers to Compromise
  10. The Designer’s Easy Button: Customize Modular Signage Systems and be a Hero to your Client
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