Monthly Archive: April 2012

PANTONE Unveils 336 New Colors, Available June 2012


  Just in case you missed the announcement, we wanted to re-post an article from as well as information from Pantone about the unveiling of 336 new Pantone colors, which should be ready for production use in June 2012. According to the recent press release from PANTONE, the expanded PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM now offers 25% …

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Color Trivia Fun and Why Color is Critical to ADA Signage

Spring time brings out the most color as the flaura and fauna of nature wakes up from winter. Color is beautiful to see, but did you know that color contrast plays the biggest role in creating compliant ADA signage for architectural environments? Before we get into a long explanation of how to create sufficient color contrast …

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Stand-Offs Enable Modular Functionality for Interior Signage Solutions

Decorative fasteners or mechanical stand-offs are not new to the architectural signage industry. Environmental graphic designers and architects have integrated stand-offs into Interior signage designs to enable modular functionality for some time. According to Gyford, one the architectural signage industry’s best known decorative stand-off providers, their products include the following sustainable features: Manufactured from U.S. process aluminum and …

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Recycling Green Signage Posts for Earth Day


In case you haven’t heard, Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. In honor of this eco-friendly tradition, we thought it would be nice to recycle some of the best and most read blog posts. Click on the links below and enjoy Conversations about Green Signage and feel free to talk back to us about the eco-friendly …

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Illumination Design Solutions for Architectural Signage


When lighting is added to architectural signage, it is usually done for practical purposes – to ensure the sign’s message is visible at all hours of the day. However, with architectural signage and environmental graphic design, illumination takes on other functions. Traditionally, incorporating lighting into architectural signage for design aesthetics is used for: Brand Identity Environmental Design …

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Wayfinding and Architectural Signage for Libraries

Directional signs and information signs guide patrons into and around the library A recent article in American Libraries Magazine titled, Directions to Library Wayfinding,” by Donald A. Barclay and Eric D. Scott, does an excellent job of explaining the importance of wayfinding for libraries. Mr. Marclay wrote a clever set of “Bad Signals” for wayfinding in libraries. To …

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Environmental Graphics Ruled Architectural Signage by City Council


The following story is a curious case of environmental graphic design being called architectural signage, and for one California city, that’s a bad thing. In an effort to complement the North Beach area and local feel in San Clemente, U-Haul added orange-colored wavy graphics to the side of its warehouse to simulate ocean waves. Sounds …

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Wayfinding for Assisted Living Facilities through Architectural Signage


Wayfinding for assisted living facilities goes beyond traditional architectural signage: it focuses on designs, patterns, colors and symbols. As medical treatment for elderly patients has evolved, so too has the quality of life for those living in assisted care facilities. Long gone are the days of architectural firms developing sterile assisted care environments devoid of …

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Creating Curb Appeal for Retail Businesses with Exterior Signage

Creating curb appeal for retail businesses with attractive and professional exterior signage is a growing trend for small communities that want to give their downtown shopping districts a boost. The idea of going beyond commercial signage, which is often associated with ubiquitous fast-food restaurant signage, and creating signage solutions that serve not only as a business’ identity, but as …

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