Creating Curb Appeal for Retail Businesses with Exterior Signage

Creating curb appeal for retail businesses with attractive and professional exterior signage is a growing trend for small communities that want to give their downtown shopping districts a boost. The idea of going beyond commercial signage, which is often associated with ubiquitous fast-food restaurant signage, and creating signage solutions that serve not only as a business’ identity, but as a landmark for the community, is a growing trend in the retail marketplace.

With that idea in mind, it seems that local business owners in Massachusetts have given the effort to invest in  exterior renovations and new signage a big thumbs up. In an article titled, “Goal of New Façade and Sign Program in Reading: Better Curb Appeal,” by Nadine Wandzilak with patch.com, the efforts of local business owners and the economic development committee is highlighted. We’ve placed key excerpts from Ms. Wandzilak’s article below, but read the full story, click here.

“Amy Tangora and her business partner, Stephen Kasper, have opened a residential design and build remodeling business, Our House, on High Street. They’re putting money into their space. They also have to make an exterior sign for their business..

Tangora and Kasper both attended a meeting last night that may help them realize that goal, both design and dollar-wise. At that meeting, the town’s Economic Development Committee introduced a building facade and signage improvement program.

One program goal is to create “curb appeal” in businesses in the downtown business area, according to the presentation by committee member George Rio. Another goal, according to his presentation, is to drive “continued economic commerce to individual stores.”

How? With matching grants for up to 50 percent of the total project costs, up to $10,000.

A student from Boston Architectural College will provide design assistance. Permit fees will be waived for all approved projects. The permitting process will be concise, while adhering to local regulations. And Reading Co-Operative Bank will offer loans from $5,000 to $25,000 at 5 percent APR, according to the presentation, for larger projects.

Improvements might include exterior building work, such as cleaning and painting, new exterior plaster, repairs to outside brickwork or clapboard, new entry doors and display windows, new signage and new or upgraded exterior lighting.”

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