PANTONE Unveils 336 New Colors, Available June 2012


Just in case you missed the announcement, we wanted to re-post an article from designtaxi.com as well as information from Pantone about the unveiling of 336 new Pantone colors, which should be ready for production use in June 2012.

According to the recent press release from PANTONE, the expanded PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM now offers 25% more color options. For signage companies and environmental graphic designers, having more standard colors is great, but it also means there are 336 challenges to ensure that what you see on your screen and on your design is replicated on the signage application. Here are some nuggets of useful information direct from PANTONE:

  • 336 exciting new solid colors for a total of 1,677 solid choices.
  • Broad selection of high-trending hues set your creativity free.
  • New colors printed using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easily matched on press.
  • Complements the PLUS SERIES libraries of sizzling metallics, hot neons, cool pastels and process colors.
  • Compatible with digital workflows.

Will the 336 New Colors be available in a plastic substrate?

Yes. All of the 336 New Colors are available as PANTONE® Plastic Standard Chips.

When will PANTONE COLOR MANAGER be updated with the 336 New Colors?

PANTONE COLOR MANAGER will be updated to include the 336 New Colors at launch. Digital
color values for the 336 New Colors are available in PANTONE COLOR MANAGER, which allows
designers to update popular design applications including Adobe® Creative Suite® (up to 5.5)
and QuarkXPress® 9. While the original 1,341 PANTONE® PLUS SERIES Colors are available in
the recently announced Adobe Creative Suite 6, the 336 New Colors can be added in the
coming weeks through an update to PANTONE COLOR MANAGER. This will be a free update to

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