Quick Hits: Exterior Signage for Business in the News

Exterior signage is in the news again: this time, it’s an iconic sign in Chicago and new rules for neon business signs at business entrances in Pennsylvania.

Downtown Santa Fe Exterior Signage Change to “Motorola”

From writer Chris Bentley with the chicagoist.com comes this brief article about removing the iconic Santa Fe dimensional letter signage and replacing it with the Motorola name-brand signage.

“Along with the 100 workers Motorola Solutions plans to bring downtown, the Schaumburg-based company also hopes to install its name in place of the sign that for decades has read “Santa Fe.” The Santa Fe Building, 224 S. Michigan Ave., sits in the Historic Michigan Boulevard District, and thus Motorola’s plans are subject to review by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks, who will consider Motorola’s reface Thursday. The city staff recommendation included in Thursday’s agenda approves of the new name, so long as it remains consistent in color and lighting with the original “Santa Fe” signage.

“The project will not have an adverse effect,” the staff recommendation reads, “on the significant historical and architectural features of the landmark district.”

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HARB: Lit ‘Open’ Signs Can Stay on Downtown Shops

Historic and Architectural Review Board draws up new guidelines that will allow neon and LED “open” signs to stay in shop windows on Main and Broad streets. Authored by Daryl Nerl.

“…Architectural Review Board came up with a new set of guidelines on Wednesday that will allow more than a dozen downtown business owners to keep using their lit “Open” signs — at least for another year. Many of the businesses may still need a strategic application of black electrical tape or paint to get in compliance, however.

The new guidelines, which the board unanimously agreed to, regulate the size, color and placement of acceptable signs. They also require that no part of the sign other than the letters in the word “open” be lit.”

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