Environmental Graphic Design through Colored Glass in Miami Airport

We wanted to share a great looking environmental graphic design solution from the Miami International Airport. Take a moment to check out the images from this color project by visiting the case study on glas-pro.com. Here is a short excerpt from the case study. Be sure to visit GlasPro for the full story.

GlasPro teams with Light Artist Christopher Janney in newest creation at Miami International Airport

“As any seasoned travel can attest, the journey through an airport’s pedestrian walkways is usually just that – pedestrian. However, this is not the case at Miami International Airport where renowned artist Christopher Janney has once again shaped the ordinary into the extraordinary. In his re-work of the existing passenger connector, Janney has created an experience that can recharge the batteries of even the most jaded, jet-lagged traveler and transform a simple walk between terminals into a “hyper-experience” of South Florida’s colors and sounds.

At the heart of this project is the 72 foot long window wall Designed by Janney and fabricated by GlasPro Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, CA. This installation of more than 150 – 22 1/2″ x 22 1/2 x 22 1/2″ colored glass squares creates a spectrum that gradually changes from deep reds to bright violets evoking, the sensation of a rainbow arching over the Everglades after a mid-summer thunderstorm. The warm sub-tropical sun casts this pallet of colors upon the X-bracing of white structural steel and white interior of the space to envelop all who pass in an “abstraction of South Florida in color and sound.”

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