3form Announces New Products, Materials at HDExpo

3form has announced that new products and new materials will be unveiled at the upcoming HDExpo May 15-17 in Las Vegas. Here is an excerpt straight from 3form’s blog, Translucent, about the new products:

“At 3form, we have all been working hard to develop a ton of intriguing new products, and we are really excited to unveil them to the world next week at the HDExpo.”

“3form is pleased to announce new Varia Ecoresin interlayers, new textures, a new addition to our Stone line, the brilliant Edge wall feature from Studio, new LightArt, new Ready to Go packages, and much more.”

We wonder how these new product and materials from 3form will contribute to ASI’s 3from-based interior signage product offering, Terra. AS we have seen from numerous case studies and project examples, architects and environmental graphic designers are keen on using 3form materials whenever they can to create warm, inviting and interesting archtiectural environments.

3form Materials Help Create Healing-Focused Emergency Department 

Check out our latest case study, Boca Raton Regional Hospital, to see how the 3form-based Terra interior signage help create a healing-focused environment.

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