Statuary Becoming Part of Donor Recognition Solutions

When it comes to architectural signage, people usually think of donor recognition solutions as being elaborate wall-mounted displays. The majority of the time, this thinking would be right. However, donor recognition statuary and sculptures are becoming more common in the architectural signage industry as landscape architects look to signage companies to provide comprehensive exterior signage solutions.

Cast bronze plaques, seals, donor recognition, and dimensional letters are manufactured in the old world sand cast method to provide the distinctive and prestigious look and feel. Clients who choose bronze for donor recognition signage and monument signs are letting people know that quality and durability are important.

  1. Bronze gives a statement of permanence, beauty and artistry that no other product offers.
  2. Bronze Products can be produced in various sizes and shapes for interior and exterior applications.
  3. Bronze metals have a lifetime warranty creating a lasting impression.
  4. Imagecast™combines the enduring distinction of cast bronze with the detailed look of a photograph.
  5. Diamond Shield ® Protective Coating preserves the beauty of the metal.

Bronze Statuary is one of history’s more revered forms of art.  It is an unforgettable way to create a new dimension of beauty and permanence.

  1. Crafted to any size and format.
  2. Sculptors can turn any creative idea into a visual masterpiece with unparalleled attention to detail.
  3. Bronze Sculptures have a lifetime warranty.

Here are some examples of how donor recognition and historical recognition memorials and sculptures are joining custom exterior signage solutions.


At the Heritage Healthcare assisted living center in Cincinnati, you can see statuary of children at play as part of the landscape architecture as well as cast bronze memorial plaques recognizing the residents that have served in the armed forces.


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