Monthly Archive: July 2012

Signage Symbols for Wayfinding Identification


Signage Symbols for Wayfinding Identification can be found virtually anywhere that people in public spaces and built environments. Because usage of signage symbols, or pictograms, is so commonplace, it is easy to forget that they serve a purpose. But for millions around the globe who rely on their presence for information and direction on a daily basis, …

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Apps That Aid Hospital Wayfinding

Navigating today’s large, complex health care facilities can be a bewildering experience for patients, their loved ones, and guests. For efficient wayfinding, numerous variables must come into play, such as workable signage solutions, architectural design elements, and the ability of hospital staff to come to people’s aid. Since smartphones and tablet computers have become increasingly …

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How ADA Signage Helps People With Disabilities

The March 15th deadline for adhering to the 2010 standards for ADA compliance is now four months in the past, but the date continues to be representative of the important underlying motivation for the change. Beyond simply complying with state and federal statutes, implementing ADA signage in your place of business offers people with disabilities …

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Bringing Architectural Signage into a Commercial Retail Environment

It may seem like architectural signage and commercial signage are interchangeable for exterior signage, but in fact they’re quite different.  Though both types are good visual indicators for wayfinding purposes, each serves its own specialized function.  Commercial signs are mass-produced for usage in multiple locations where they are meant to be seen from afar.  As a …

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