Monthly Archive: August 2012

Legos Used for 3D Performance Analysis and Master Planning


So what in the world does this have to do with architectural signage? This blog is named “Conversations about Signage,” right? Let’s think about wayfinding as it relates to space planning for a moment. How great would it be for an environmental graphic designer or signage professional  to look at a scale model of a space on three-dimensions to figure …

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3form Interior Signage Completes Lynn Financial Center


Lynn Financial Center combines luxury office space with environmentally-conscious design and is the first pre-certified LEED® Gold building in Boca Raton, FL. The Lynn Financial Center is comprised of twin Class A office buildings that are staggered diagonally on the master-planned campus, and feature glass architectural elements accented by an L-shaped wall clad in reflective …

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TRIVIA: What is the Definition of Universal Design

A set of principles that govern the creation and format of an architectural installation or project in such a way that it is accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of their individual circumstances, e.g., age, disability, or language. So is this about decorating the sun, moon and the stars? Universal design doesn’t target aliens in the sci-fi …

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