A Fresh Look at Architectural Signage and ASI

I came on board as Marketing Manager at ASI on August 1st. Prior to joining ASI I have focused on marketing directly to consumers. I have extensive experience with some of the top names in the restaurant industry as well as automotive repair and most recently I was in charge of advertising and promotion at a large public transit agency. I joined ASI because it is a logical fit that capitalizes on my years working with franchisees. ASI has a strong network of franchisees throughout the country each marketing ASI signage within their territory. I was also impressed with our corporate staff and the top quality products that we sell.

As somebody new to the industry and to ASI, who also happens to be a writer and a lover of digital media I thought that the ASI blog would provide a unique opportunity to provide a new set of eyes to the world that many of you have spent your lives in for many years. A new perspective can be valuable because it is easy to lose sight of the forest through the trees. Often we are oblivious to things that make a strong impression on customers when they experience it for the first time.

Some initial observations
Since joining ASI three weeks ago I have been immersed in extensive training, learning our product line, studying our market segments, learning about the art and science of wayfinding (it is both in my opinion), I have delved into ADA signage requirements. Even the term architectural signage has been new to me. ASI has a broad range of online tools to help our sales force and customers develop the very best solutions to their signage needs.

ASI has an extraordinary product line. It will be a pleasure to market some of the finest products in the industry many of which almost appear as works of art. There is excitement involved with marketing products that help people get to where they need to go but doing so in a way that is artistically beautiful. It is quite different from introducing a new breakfast sandwich, promotional item or muffler special. It is also different from opening a new light rail station or promoting service to the state fair.

Signage is an integral representation of an organization’s brand. It represents what a brand stands for and reflects the brand’s image. Implemented correctly architectural signage enables a brand to put its best face forward while enabling customers, staff and visitors to get to where they are going as seamlessly as possible. Good wayfinding signage enables people to find their way almost by instinct. Done correctly it eliminates having to ask for directions and it lessons stress. It also enables folks to concentrate on what they are going to do when they reach their destination rather than on how to get there.  Focusing on the reasons for being at your establishment rather than the frustrations of how to get where one needs to go reflects positively on your brand.

In hiring a signage company one needs to be concerned with more than the signs being purchased. Once must be concerned with the expertise on how best to utilize signage. ASI has a treasure trove of tools available to enable our sales consultants to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. These tools are as valuable as the excellent products we sell. ASI provides more than signage; we provide solutions.

John Selig
Marketing Manager

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