The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum of The Parts

Hitting the Ground Running
Recently I concluded my first two months with ASI Signage and what a experience it has been. I have had intense training in a wide array of topics covering the architectural signage industry including interior, exterior and digital signage from various manufacturers as well as signage that ASI fabricates itself. I have been exposed to proprietary online software that enables ASI consultants to track leads and walks them through the sales process enabling them to be more efficient and productive at meeting client needs. There is sophisticated software for consultants to process sign orders. There is even software that provides information on construction projects in various stages from conception through bidding through construction to help generate leads. I‘ve been blown away by the training materials that ASI has on board to enable our affiliates and their teams along with our corporate staff to maintain ASI’s competitive edge.

As I am heading up the marketing effort for ASI I immediately focused on assessing our large assortment of marketing materials. ASI has a well-designed high-impact arsenal of tools in our quiver. I have some new ideas that are beginning to rattle around in my noggin but I’m impressed with the marketing elements in place. Our website www.asisignage.com is well designed and chock-a-block full of valuable information for clients. The site is appealing both in its artistic design and lack of clutter; it’s in line with what one would expect in a category as high quality as architectural design.

I have also been impressed with the management team at ASI from training, marketing and business systems to global branding services, corporate sales and accounting and administration.

Owners Meeting
A high point of my inauguration onto the management team came with attending an owners meeting with ASI franchisees from around the U.S. who were at a two-day meeting in Dallas. They shared their perspectives on the state of their individual ASI franchisees around the country and they were introduced to the latest news about programs being rolled out by ASI Corporate. The collective experience of the owners, each sharing their own expertise and real-world challenges and opportunities, was eye opening. The benefits garnered from sharing best practices to build a stronger system and to ensure higher-impact programs cannot be over-estimated. It was an honor for me to get to address the group and share my marketing philosophy and some initial ideas of how I see tweaking the marketing effort to help them build their sales and the brand.

ASI’s Competitive Advantage
The owners meeting along with my month of absorbing the inner working of ASI has enabled me to see what makes this brand so special and why it is a market leader. The professional team at ASI Corporate is top rate. I have worked with many well-known and highly respected brands throughout my career so I am a good judge of talent. Most of my career has been spent in building marketing programs with franchisees associated with nationally and internationally known prestigious brands. ASI has strong franchise professionals on board, each committed to providing top-quality architectural signage to clients in the healthcare, educational, corporate, hospitality, library, government and other sectors that ASI serves. Our top-quality products speak for themselves. But it is the team of people who make up the ASI family that really gives us the competitive edge to serve clients that reflects and continues to build the highly respected ASI Signage brand. The team of people is proof positive of the wise saying that “The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts!”

John Selig
Marketing Manager

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