Monthly Archive: November 2012

Curved Arrow Conundrum


  Directional Obstacles Those of us involved in the science of wayfinding are often faced with unusual challenges about how to overcome certain directional obstacles. This was a challenge that was apparently faced by the designers of the wayfinding system at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. According to Mijksennar Wayfinding, the designer of the system, …

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The Art of Sign Making


As an elementary school student in the late 1950s and early 1960s growing up on Long Island’s north shore just forty miles east of New York City I always looked forward to school field trips. I especially enjoyed the ones that involved touring places where we could watch things being made or produced. The Joy …

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Signage Evokes Emotions!


In October I attended the National Signage Research and Education Conference organized by the Signage Foundation in cooperation with the University of Cincinnati College of Business and Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. Part of the Conference included a visit to the American Signage Museum in Cincinnati. A signage museum, really? Who would have thunk it!! …

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