Curved Arrow Conundrum


Directional Obstacles

Those of us involved in the science of wayfinding are often faced with unusual challenges about how to overcome certain directional obstacles.

This was a challenge that was apparently faced by the designers of the wayfinding system at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. According to Mijksennar Wayfinding, the designer of the system, the challenge was to “overcome the wayfinding difficulties at Y shaped junctions, columns and walls that block the view etc. for which one has to blame the architects”

Their solution to this conundrum was to create a “Curved Arrow” (to see photo click text)

Judging from the comments on the blog on the above link, it seems as the opinion is split on the effectiveness of this arrow. Some like it, some think its’ “not good” – what are your thoughts?


– Selwyn Josset
VP Affiliate Services 

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