What’s Your Definition of Architectural Signage?

Not long ago, I saw a question posed in one of the LinkedIn groups to which I belong.  The question, “How do you define Architectural signage?” This is a simple enough question. At ASI we use the term to define the segment of the signage industry that we serve and we sprinkle the term liberally in our marketing and in the collateral that our sales consultants provide to clients.

What Appears to Be a Simple Question Isn’t

This very question about the definition of architectural signage was raised on the LinkedIn group by a signage professional who has been in the architectural signage industry for over two decades. His twenty-year old son had simply asked him to define the term. Dad didn’t have a quick answer for his son as he racked his brain trying to define his industry so he posed the questions to those of us who were members of the group.

Responses were varied. Each of the responses differed exposing difficulty tying the definition up with a neat bow.

My Answer

Being new to the industry I am asked the questions by friends when I tell them about the fascinating industry that I have entered. The definition that I have developed is:

“Architectural signage compliments and accentuates the design aesthetics of a building or group of buildings. It enhances branding and is most often used to aid in wayfinding. The high quality of architectural signage is customarily enhanced by a consulting sales process that aims at optimizing design and placement to maximize ease of finding ones way and to minimize what I refer to as ‘wayfloundering’ (a term I have coined that refers to the stress and disorientation caused by inadequate use of wayfinding signage).”

Now It’s Your Turn – Give It a Go!

I certainly do not have the definitive definition so here is an opportunity for each of you reading this blog to chime in and share your personal definition of the term. The main purpose of a blog is to inform and generate discussion. How do you define architectural signage? What makes our niche different from other segments of the signage industry? Go ahead, don’t be shy. Click “Comment” and share your thoughts!


John Selig
Marketing Manager

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