The Importance of Vendors


Rivka Pinckovich with Mirtec

As a leading provider of architectural signage it is natural for ASI to focus not only on our products but the more than forty-five years of experience we have providing consultative service on wayfinding and identity solutions throughout the U.S. and around the world. Certainly we promote our broad selection of product solutions for interior signage, exterior signage and digital signage. We serve a wide variety of markets from healthcare to education, corporate to GSA and from hospitality to libraries. Many of the signs sold by ASI are custom and are made at various ASI facilities around the U.S. We also sell modular systems.

Our Vendors Are Important

It is easy to overlook the importance of our many suppliers who help make ASI such a successful purveyor of architectural signage. From time to time on this blog we need to say thank you to the many suppliers who are part of the ASI family.

Thank You Rivka! Thank You Mirtec!

Recently Rivka Pinckovich with Mirtec visited with us from Israel. Rivka has been an important partner in providing excellent solutions for many signage needs. I was able to snap a quick photo of her when she was in town before dashing for a flight at DFW. Thank you Rivka and thank you Mirtec for your commitment to ASI, our affiliates and our customers.


John Selig
Marketing Manager

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