Reimaging Builds Your Brand – Don’t Forget The Architectural Signage

When was the last time you drove through your city and noticed that a local restaurant or retailer had remodeled? Major chains often require such reimaging because they know that a fresh new look builds their brand as well as sales and that an older out of date look often results in customers going elsewhere.

Reimaging Helps All Organizations

Remodels tell customers, clients, members, vendors and also employees that their organization is committed to being a leader in their field. That is why you see reimaging take place at all sorts of organizations from healthcare facilities to colleges and universities, hotels, corporate offices, governmental buildings, and elsewhere.

Sometimes a move to a new location is necessary when a current location is no longer large enough but organizations often reimage their existing space for a variety of reasons. They may add additional space or reconfigure their space. Updates in technology often require extensive work to be done so a decision to reimage at the same time may result. Sometimes facilities are totally reconfigured because of structural revisions in an organization.

Whatever the reason for your for your reimage it is amazing the difference in appearance a new coat of paint, the addition of new wall coverings, installing new flooring and replacing old furniture can make on the image portrayed by an organization. When planning a remodel don’t forget new signage.

Architectural Signage Is Like a Frame Around a Fine Painting

When reimaging an organization’s appearance one high impact change to include is updating ones architectural signage. Signage often functions much the way a fine frame does on a beautiful piece of art. Hanging a new painting and choosing an old frame that isn’t selected to compliment it diminishes the artwork. The same goes for architectural signage by not refreshing the signage when a facility has been updated.

From installing new exterior signage to replacing interior signage to adding the latest in digital signage technology, architectural signage builds your brand by reminding your clients, vendors and staff of your organization’s commitment to quality.


John Selig
Marketing Manager

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