ASI Introduces Slimline Interior Digital Signage


ASI has been a leader in architectural signage since 1965, providing consultative wayfinding and branding services to clients in market segments including healthcare, education, corporate, hospitality, government and more. ASI’s expertise includes interior signage, exterior signage and digital signage.  ASI is proud to introduce our new line of interior digital signage called Slimline.

The digital signage market is currently experiencing growth at a rate in excess of 35% with a new digital display being installed every 3.5 seconds. Digital signage has many uses ranging from building directories and maps to the display of corporate messages, information about products and services and building brand identity. Digital signage enhances customer and visitor experiences by reducing perceived wait times and influencing visitor behavior by directing them effortlessly to their destinations.

ASI is committed to providing digital signage solutions to our clients, enabling them to capitalize on our expertise in wayfinding and branding, and to find just the right signage solution to meet their unique requirements. ASI’s Slimline digital signage compliments our interior and exterior signage solutions, allowing clients to obtain total signage solutions from the same proven signage expert. ASI’s Slimline digital solutions, along with our exterior digital message centers, provide a broad selection of digital signs for sharing important information while grabbing attention and being easily updated.


ASI’s new Slimline digital signage is available in a wide variety of configurations:

  • Wall Mount – designed to be integrated into any architectural environment, with the enclosures surface mounted. Enclosures and faceplates can be colored to match their surroundings. Slimline wall mount digital signs are available in landscape and portrait layouts, as well as both passive and touch screen models.
  • Free Standing – features a thin profile and can be placed in a variety of locations to meet the unique needs of each client. Slimline free standing digital signs are available in a floor stand housing, vertical screen format, with or without a touch screen option. Front panels on free standing digital signs can be customized to match your interior décor.
  • Room Sign – provides elegant design combined with reliable room-booking software. The panels surrounding the screen can be painted to match your décor. Slimline room signs are ideal for meeting rooms, reception areas and anywhere the display of easily updatable information is important. Slimline digital room signs are powered by a unique power supply with one cable providing both power and data.
  • ID Screen – the latest innovation for hot-desking and multi-functional departments. They are perfect for flexible spaces such as meeting and conference rooms, hotel rooms and offices whose occupants change frequently. ID screen signs can be used for rooms, desktops and cubicles. Slimline ID screens are powered by battery and activated only when information is changed resulting in battery life of at least 5 years or 10,000 updates. Updates are a breeze with information communicated directly to a wireless communicator inside each sign. ID screen digital signs are ideal for displaying names, room bookings and any information that needs to be updated often.
  • Video Wall – digital signage is an ideal signage option to grab attention that breaks through the visual barriers, allowing the display of content across multiple screens in any configuration using a single player device. The technology driving Slimline video walls has a resolution much higher than Full 1080 HD. Slimline video walls can be oriented in either portrait or landscape display in various configurations. Try walking into a room with a Slimline video wall and not have your eyes immediately drawn to it!

ASI provides turn-key digital solutions from design through delivery, installation and support of our Slimline digital signs. Every turn-key solution includes hardware, software, standard or custom designed and built enclosures to match your décor, content management solutions, screen content design services and on-site installation.

Slimline Digital Signs Provide a Variety of Solutions

Slimline digital signs display content that can be designed and configured in a multitude of ways making them perfect for providing a variety of solutions within architectural environments, including:

  • Wayfinding information at critical points
  • Directories and welcome information boards
  • Hot-desking/hoteling wireless digital signage systems that can be updated frequently
  • Interactive touch screen information centers
  • Donor recognition systems and historic displays
  • Room ID, suite ID and meeting schedules
  • Large format video walls that are sure to grab attention and get your message across

ASI, the leader in interior and exterior architectural signage is also your leader in effective, state-of-the art and turn-key digital signage solutions.


John Selig
Marketing Manager

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