Don’t Scrimp on Signage When Building Your Brand

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Architectural signage plays a number of critical roles for your organization. Wayfinding is an obvious role as properly designed and deployed signage assists customers, visitors, suppliers and others get from point A to point B at your facility as effortlessly as possible while eliminating the need to ask others for directions. Equally important signage should enhance your brand.  To ensure that your brand equity receives the value that it deserves, do not scrimp on your signage.

Signage Should Promote Your Brand

Signage should not just reflect an organization’s brand it should promote it. When people come to your facility, whether it is their first time or their 100th, your signage is typically the first representation of you brand they see. Your signage is as much a representation of your brand as your television and radio spots, print and online ads and your website. Your facility only gets to make a first impression once. It is crucial that your signage makes that first impression a good one.

Recently, a large condominium complex in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex went through major reimaging of their interior common areas to modernize their appearance thus helping to maintain property values competitive with other desirable condominiums located nearby. A large special assessment was levied on the owners of the condos so that the reimage could be substantial enough to make a difference. Several million dollars were spent on the reimaging.

The condominium’s lobbies were completely remodeled, carpeting was replaced along with furniture in all the common areas on all floors and new artwork was obtained for the lobbies and all of the elevator landings. Wainscoting was removed and new light fixtures were installed on every floor. All of the common areas were repainted.

New wayfinding signage throughout the condominium interiors was replaced to coordinate with the reimage design. However, the signage didn’t portray the same quality as the rest of the updates. Yes, the signs did coordinate in style. However, they weren’t even the same quality as the dated signs being replaced. The signage didn’t portray the same prestige and appeal that the rest of the reimage achieved for the complex. The signs included the logo for the Condominium. Rather than enhancing the brand the signs actually cheapened it.

Signage Should Promote Your Brand

Signage is an investment in your brand. It is important when choosing signage to make certain that besides making sure your signage accomplishes the goals of assisting employees, visitors, suppliers, and others who navigate your facility and sharing important information that it also enhances your brand. Scrimping on signage quality will detract from your brand rather than build it.


John Selig
Marketing Manager

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