Benefits of Sole Source Provider for Digital Signage

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This is the second post in a multi-part series sharing insights from a conversation I had with Andy Shevak, ASI’s Manager of Digital Signage. Andy points out that Digital Signage is a rapidly changing and expanding industry. Andy stressed the major benefits of purchasing digital signage through a sole source provider like ASI.

Sole Source Provider Handles All Facets of Digital Signage Program

There are many facets to implementing a digital signage program including screen selection, computer hardware, software, installation and content creation. Then there is the importance of service support for screens, computer hardware and software when needed. If a client deals with different vendors that cover different aspects of their digital signage program, especially with large deployments, it is often difficult to know who to call for assistance and how one part of the system may impact another part requiring multiple experts to be called in for support. By dealing with a sole source supplier whenever a client has a question they immediately know who to contact to have a question answered or a challenge addressed.

Stays on Top of Latest Trends and Products

A sole source provider uses their industry expertise and connections to stay on top of which digital vendors are providing the optimal hardware, software, etc. with the best quality, up-to-date capabilities, most reliability and best warranties. As an example, ASI is currently utilizing Samsung screens. The screens were selected not only for their state-of-the-art functionality. They have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which is 5 to 7 years in most installations. The Samsung screens ASI installs come with a 3-year onsite repair or replace warranty. Screens are expensive to repair so the screens are engineered to not break, limiting downtime of a client’s digital signage. Choosing the right partners to provide the best solution for clients enables the sole source provider to take all the work out of designing, implementing and maintaining your digital signage solution.

Software Is Engine That Drive Digital Signage

As with digital screens and computer hardware, software tools continue to evolve. Software has become much more intuitive and easier to use. A critical feature for software that drives digital screens is having the ability to serve a variety of different functions. Wayfinding is a core function that is critical to many digital signage installations as is providing marketing information promoting goods and services. Many installations require menuboard listings for cafeterias and communications with staff locally and around the globe, which are important functions as well.

Andy describes the software as the engine that drives digital signage. He utilizes several suppliers depending upon the complexity of the functions and size of the installation. The most sophisticated software isn’t needed for many applications. However, rapidly evolving, cutting edge applications such as gesture control, voice control and facial recognition require highly sophisticated software capabilities.

Digital Signage Works In Concert with Interior and Exterior Architectural Signage

Digital Signage works in concert with architectural signage especially in wayfinding programs and particularly in large facilities such as those found in healthcare and higher education that often involve multiple buildings with multiple floors and long hallways. Directing many people through facilities over long distances can easily be confusing, if not overwhelming. The combination of digital signage and interior and exterior architectural signage takes the complexity out of wayfinding with their messaging complimenting each other, thus reducing the stress felt by those navigating their way through unfamiliar territory.

ASI, being a sole source supplier in the architectural and digital signage industry, is able to blend our knowledge of signage with our amassed collection of digital providers to make the selection, design, implementation, servicing and training aspects of a digital signage solution as easy as possible for our clients.



John Selig
Marketing Manager

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