Case Studies Build Sales By Showcasing Solutions Not Just Products


The architectural signage industry contains a multitude of companies that sell a huge variety of signs. Focusing solely on products available, however, is not the way to differentiate our signage from that sold by our competitors. What sets us apart is that ASI provides solutions, not just products.

Expertise is As Important As Products

Clients who purchase signage are looking for far more than products. They are seeking expertise in selecting not only the right signs to meet their needs but guidance from signage experts who can effectively develop the right messages, have wayfinding expertise, possess ADA compliancy knowledge, can promote their brand and who are experts in message dispersal to both external and internal audiences. Prospects are seeking professionals who have experience, creativity and unique solutions tailored to their needs. Case studies are the tool that assures prospective clients that we are the experts who can best meet their needs.

Signage is not a tangible commodity. Sure, sales consultants can show sign samples galore but what message should go on them? Which signs will work best for a prospect’s various needs? Where should signs be placed and how many are needed? Should clients consider digital signage? How should signs blend in with the client’s architectural design? What experience does our company have with companies and organizations like theirs, within their industry? These are the kinds of questions that potential clients are asking themselves even if they don’t share such questions with a sales consultant.

Prospects Want to Know “What Can You Do For Me?”

It is no secret that word-of-mouth is the most impactful marketing tool when marketing to consumers. Social Media Revolution videos on YouTube tout that “78% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust advertising.” Word-of-mouth is also important in B2B marketing in general and architectural signage in particular. Case studies are a powerful tool that shares the experiences and solutions of existing clients.  Case studies provide the insight and confidence that prospects seek. They show that our products, but equally important, our services based upon over 45 years of experience and expertise in working with other clients in their field, have produced exceptional results. Case studies showcase tangible results that answer the main question in the minds of prospects, which is, “What can you do for me?”

Case Studies Highlight Results That Provide Credibility and Build Sales

Case studies convey ASI’s expertise in getting to know the needs of our clients, developing just the right solutions to meet their unique needs and implementing the solutions. The results are strong enough for those clients to allow ASI to feature their solutions in case studies in a large variety of industries from healthcare to education, hospitality, corporate, libraries, cultural institutions and many other segments. The success stories provided in the case studies provide credence to the expertise shared by sales consultants.

Developing case studies also enables ASI to get better at what we do. They reengage us with our current customers. As we develop the case studies we tap into clients’ knowledge of what was most important in the development of their signage solutions. We incorporate that knowledge into future initiatives that help us better serve the needs of clients.

Knowledgeable sales consultants who detail product options and services provided are crucial to the sales process. Case studies, however, are the icing on the cake that provides credibility to what the sales consultants are recommending. Case studies enable sales consultants to build stronger relationships. Through sharing concrete results, case studies result in clients focusing more on results and not just costs and they also foster ASI’s reputation as an architectural signage industry leader. Case studies build trust and they build sales.



John Selig
Marketing Manager

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