Design-Build Signage Leaves Nothing to Chance

Building owners and their architects sorely need a qualified ‘GC of signage,’ an experienced Design-Build signage company that can cost-effectively manage design, planning and implementation of a successful signage program. An effective ‘GC of signage’ establishes clear communications between all parties, and builds liaisons with all owner representatives.  As such, the need for extraneous consultants is eliminated, resulting in substantial cost savings, more accurate project management and much-improved delivery time.

When overall responsibility for signage is placed with one qualified Design-Build company, nothing is left to chance, as all terms and conditions are part of an outcome-specific, contractual agreement–signed up-front–where the objective is to develop and deliver a comprehensive signage program that is responsive to:

  • Local site conditions
  • Building architecture
  • Way-finding needs
  • Applicable codes
  • Desired image
  • And, importantly, budget constraints.

The Design-Build process includes fabrication details of all product selections, graphics elements, installation maps and a reorder manual. Design elements, including sign materials, sizes, shapes, colors, letter-styles, and graphics, are determined during the planning process, in cooperation with the owner / architect. Finally, to furnish financially responsive budgets for all included signage, exact production and installation costs are established before manufacturing begins. The client is updated regularly on progress via on-line Gantt charts, so the need for costly face-to-face meetings is held to a minimum.

ASI Signage Innovations has provided Design-Build solutions for more than 50-years and is able to assure its clients that their projects will be completed on time, as specified, and within budget. As a consequence, more and more building owners and their architects are choosing to negotiate their signage directly with ASI on a Design-Build basis.  No one wants signage, which is critical to obtaining a timely certificate of occupancy, to be left to the last minute.

Peter Rasmussen :   peter.rasmussen@asisignage.com

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