Digital Signage for Campus Wide Communication

Digital signage can do so much more than post sales figures or reminders about Casual Friday. Interactivity or integration with your network enables endless possibilities.

In fact, network integration is especially suited to campus applications, whether healthcare, higher education, or corporate.
Could your campus benefit from multiple digital signs? Take stock of your properties to determine where the most potential value resides.

healthcare campus, for example, could broadcast anything from simple seasonal allergy reminders to videos on wellness topics. Corporate campuses can show off accomplishments or inform employees of meetings and deadlines. Any type of campus would benefit from having an extra outlet for emergency communications.

For extra functionality, add some interactive touchscreen signage to the network – it’s useful for wayfinding and searching for specific information.

Hospitals typically search by departments – you have pediatrics, emergency, oncology, and so on. You have doctors, locations, or amenities. For an office building where you just want to show companies, however, it’s very easy to use a non-touchscreen because your goal is not to provide information on individuals.

If you have a smaller campus with a handful of buildings, you may want to make one person responsible for updating the signs as needed. Larger campuses or those with many departments, such as higher education institutions, would likely benefit from allowing separate departments to control what is shown on their individual screens.

However, appointing an emergency backup person who can override the departmental controls when necessary allows quick broadcasting in case of an emergency. This authority should also extend to outdoor signage.

Outside signage can give your campus a visual boost as well with proper placement. Useful locations include the main entrances to campus, student unions or other major gathering places.

Ultimately, the success of your signage depends on whether it draws enough eyes and supplies the right information at the right time, so faithfully updating it with current information is extremely important. Let it run dated content and you risk losing your viewers. It may be hard to quantify the sign’s positive impact at first, but fresh, relevant content presented attractively and displayed in the right location will draw eyes.


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