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ASI, Cincinnati Hosted Open House – Showcased Expertise

ASI Cincinnati Staff

                    On Wednesday, February 12th the staff of ASI, Cincinnati held an open house to welcome clients to their office. ASI affiliate, Kim Moscarino and her team shared product information, AIA accredited ADA and Wayfinding training courses and advice on clients’ upcoming signage projects. An extensive …

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When Selecting Architectural Signage, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Eyeglasses on Eye Chart

  When considering purchase of a product, besides deciding the specifics of what is desired one must also consider the appropriate degree of specialization and expertise required. Some products are commodities while others benefit from customization to fit the purchaser’s particular needs. In most instances office supplies are commodities. Pens, writing pads, ink-jet printer cartridges …

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Education Challenges and Solutions within the Architectural Signage Industry

                            Education and training are among numerous components that contribute to the growth and success of virtually any organization, and the construction industry and specialized areas such as architectural signage are no exceptions.  It could be argued that training challenges are even …

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The Customer is Always Right, Even when the ADA is Involved. Right?


  In the midst of a project, a question arises from the customer, architect, designer or general contractor regarding the signage and ADA/Accessibility code compliance. We demonstrate our expertise and consultative approach by fully understanding the customer’s concerns, researching local codes and contacting additional ASI resources for guidance. See the ADA section of the ASI …

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ASI Signage Innovations Featured on Fox Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels


    ASI Signage Innovations was featured on Fox Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels on October 2, 2013. The Manufacturing Marvels segment showcasing ASI discussed ASI’s broad architectural signage product line including interior, exterior and digital signage as well as ASI’s manufacturing capabilities and the market segments served including the healthcare, education, corporate and hospitality markets. …

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ASI Introduces Slimline Interior Digital Signage


  ASI has been a leader in architectural signage since 1965, providing consultative wayfinding and branding services to clients in market segments including healthcare, education, corporate, hospitality, government and more. ASI’s expertise includes interior signage, exterior signage and digital signage.  ASI is proud to introduce our new line of interior digital signage called Slimline. The …

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ADA Quick Tips – Guidelines Website, ATMs & Parking Signs


    Here are few new tips regarding updated ADA resources and interesting questions that have arisen as we continue to learn more about the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design: ADA Guidelines Website The United States Access Board has improved its ADA Guidelines website to be more intuitive and user-friendly: Click here for the ADA …

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Signs Have Been Around a Long Time


  The architectural signage industry has taken advantage of a plethora of technological advances that have enabled the design, production and installation of signs that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. A vast array of materials and finishes are available for both exterior signage and interior signage, and digital signage technology seems …

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Quarterly Architectural Signage Audits Are Critical

Broken Sign iStock_000008917853Small

  When was the last time you performed an architectural signage audit? An architectural signage audit? What the heck is an architectural signage audit, and why is it so important? How often have you gone to a restaurant or retail establishment and noticed that something wasn’t right, the look of the place wasn’t up to …

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ASI, New Orleans – Signage in the Big Easy

Kevin Leaumont, Sales Consultant

Not long ago, I travelled to Louisiana to enjoy a two-day visit at the ASI, New Orleans office.  This affiliate, owned by Jim and Grace Bishop, provides signage for a variety of clients in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and much of the Florida Panhandle.  While Grace heads up the New Orleans office, Jim …

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