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Signage Is a Vital Component of Customer Service

Customer Service Directional Signs Edited 092914

  Customer Service is being emphasized by a growing legion of businesses and organizations. Making certain that the interaction between organizations and their stakeholders has become keenly focused on providing the best experience possible. Customer service training programs abound, as do employer incentives rewarding positive results. Customers Often Disappointed by Service Certain industries are perceived …

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ADA Signage: Intent Is Just as Important as the Letter-of-the-Law


  Over the years we’ve received many good questions regarding the ADA and signage, particularly with respect to aspects of ADA signage that are not well defined within the ADA, and in some cases not defined at all. In these cases we must still make a responsible interpretation, largely based on the intent of the …

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Wayfinding – Nationally Renown Forest Park in St. Louis

forest park old sign-2-edited

“One of America’s coolest city parks … and one of the world’s most beautiful city parks.” —   Travel + Leisure   Considering the quote and photos above, something just doesn’t jive. Can the quote and photos denote the same park? Both refer to our own Forest Park here in St. Louis. Believe me, Forest Park …

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Case Studies Build Sales By Showcasing Solutions Not Just Products

  The architectural signage industry contains a multitude of companies that sell a huge variety of signs. Focusing solely on products available, however, is not the way to differentiate our signage from that sold by our competitors. What sets us apart is that ASI provides solutions, not just products. Expertise is As Important As Products …

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Benefits of Sole Source Provider for Digital Signage

Digital  Directory Womans Hospital - Benefits Sole Source 052014

This is the second post in a multi-part series sharing insights from a conversation I had with Andy Shevak, ASI’s Manager of Digital Signage. Andy points out that Digital Signage is a rapidly changing and expanding industry. Andy stressed the major benefits of purchasing digital signage through a sole source provider like ASI. Sole Source …

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Don’t Scrimp on Signage When Building Your Brand

Brand Edited 042914

Architectural signage plays a number of critical roles for your organization. Wayfinding is an obvious role as properly designed and deployed signage assists customers, visitors, suppliers and others get from point A to point B at your facility as effortlessly as possible while eliminating the need to ask others for directions. Equally important signage should …

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What to Do Before Meeting with a Digital Signage Consultant

Andy Shevak, Manager of Digital Signage

  I recently sat down with Andy Shevak, ASI’s Manager of Digital Signage, to have a conversation about the field of digital signage and how its technology and uses are expanding dramatically. We spoke about a variety of topics including the role that digital signage sales consultants should serve in working with clients and how …

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ASI, Cincinnati Hosted Open House – Showcased Expertise

ASI Cincinnati Staff

                    On Wednesday, February 12th the staff of ASI, Cincinnati held an open house to welcome clients to their office. ASI affiliate, Kim Moscarino and her team shared product information, AIA accredited ADA and Wayfinding training courses and advice on clients’ upcoming signage projects. An extensive …

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When Selecting Architectural Signage, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Eyeglasses on Eye Chart

  When considering purchase of a product, besides deciding the specifics of what is desired one must also consider the appropriate degree of specialization and expertise required. Some products are commodities while others benefit from customization to fit the purchaser’s particular needs. In most instances office supplies are commodities. Pens, writing pads, ink-jet printer cartridges …

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Education Challenges and Solutions within the Architectural Signage Industry

                            Education and training are among numerous components that contribute to the growth and success of virtually any organization, and the construction industry and specialized areas such as architectural signage are no exceptions.  It could be argued that training challenges are even …

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